Get your body moving, your mind racing and your soul alive.


I became a personal trainer because fitness has always been a big part of my life.
From a young age, I was involved with sports.

I played football at a national level for 15 years,
I am also a past National Champion in Teakwon-do and I competed in the men’s physique category in fitness and bodybuilding many times.

I like to create close, trusting and nurturing relationships with all my clients to ensure they feel comfortable with my training methods.
Being a competitive athlete taught me that with the right mind-set and dedication you can achieve and exceed all your fitness goals whether that is to lose weight , tone up your physique with muscle building workouts or work on your endurance levels.
I can also provide Soft Chiropractor therapy programs, dry cupping therapy and red light therapy which are ideal if you need rehabilitation after suffering illness or injury.
Whatever your fitness goal is nutrition will play a major part of your training program. I am well respected certified nutrition advisor and can create great healthy eating plans which are linked to your personal training goals and also teaching my clients how to reach their goals by eating their favorite food trough flexible dieting.
From changing what was a hobby to a profession as a Personal Trainer has been a great achievement for me. My years of experience, both keeping myself in great shape and helping others with their fitness needs is something I am very proud of !